Get Your Income Tax Return filed through a Certified Tax Return Preparer

Preparing Income Tax returns is tiring, cumbersome and not an easy task for the taxpayers. Not everyone is an expert at it. 

Tax Return Preparers have been trained and certified by the Government of India especially to make the process of filing returns easier, simpler and efficient for the taxpayers.This website is run by Tax Return Preparers who will prepare and file your Tax Return at very nominal charges (Rs.350/- per Return)

This Website at present caters to only salaried persons who are either residing or working in Delhi & NCR.
If you are one of the above and wish to be contacted by a TRP, kindly fill the details below and leave the rest to us. You can fill up the below form in case you need assistance and follow-up regarding your Income Tax Refund that is stuck with the Department since long.

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Filing of Income Tax return is compulsory for all Individuals whose Gross Total Income exceeds the maximum amount which is not chargeable to income tax i.e. Rs.1,90,000 for resident women, Rs.2,50,000 in case of resident senior citizens and 1,80,000 in case of any other Individual or HUF. (Limits applicable for Assessment Year 2012-2013)

The due date of filing Income Tax Return is 31st July 2013 except in case Income includes business or professional Income requiring Tax Audit (turnover above 60 lakhs).

The penalty for non filing of return is Rs.5000.


About Tax Return Preparers

Tax Return Preparers have been trained, certified, and authorized by the IT Department, Govt. of India.

Every Income Tax Return form (ITR 1, 2 & 4) has a separate column in which TRP puts his name, signatures and his TRP code, which ensures professional liability for each return filed.

For more information on TRPs visit official website: www.trpscheme.com